Friday, 19 April 2013

The Barge Inn to Great Bedwyn - Day Four

We left the Barge Inn with out spotting any aliens (the area is bathed in crop circles). Bullrush and grassy tussocks line the banks, their roots like the coral  of the canal. The morning was sullen and damp. It is certain, as birds flicker here and there, that the other animals and plants are far more partial to a drop of rain than us people.

We passed Pewsey, buying pastries, and arrived at the Cross Keys, in Great Bedwyn, after 25 kms of hiking. After being introduced to Susan, the Bed and Breakfast owner, we were shown to our room. The sight of the bath filled us with delight, but perhaps for a reason difficult to predict...

After dropping our bags I nipped to the toilet. As I walked back into the bedroom, I found Jake sitting one metre from the television, David Attenborough on the boil.

Feet up, maps out.

As we rested our David Attenborough saturated minds, unbeknown to us, Susan (to Jakes left), and her sister Anji (my right), were holding a pub quiz below us. The wonderful sisters and the quiz contestants decided to donated all of the winnings, £202.20 in total, to WaterAid via our donation page. So, thank you to Judy, Dave, Chess, Chris, Rob, Adam, Ed, Henry and everyone else in the Cross Keys that night, your generosity is inspiring.

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