Friday, 19 April 2013

Great Bedwyn to Colthrop Manor - Day Five

After eating breakfast with Hendrix, the dog, we were quickly reacquainted with the canal. Angi, who owns a canal boat with her partner, was moored up just outside Great Bedwyn, so we gingerly clambered on for a brief farewell.
 The canal's water is dynamic in colour, transitioning from muddy brown to pastel turquoise and then back again. The grassy tussocks make me think of scores of bushy haired gents bathing their weary shoulders in the drink. As the heads of the bathers rest near to the canal banks, Jake and I imagined their toes slowly bobbing to the surface on the opposite side.

The foxes wedding, as they say in Hindi; simultaneous rain and sun.

Jake by the tall grass.

The commonly regarded opinion that white socks and sandals should never combine was discarded as I began to feel a blister emerging on my heal.
Our second night of luxury accommodation at Mariola's Colthrop Manor Bed and Breakfast.

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