Friday, 19 April 2013

Sells Green to The Barge Inn - Day Three

The morning after our first night in the Tempest 200.

The initial temptation to hitch a ride with one of the many boats that float the canal was quickly rejected as we overtook one after another. It is certain that you must be a lethargy lover if you are to live the canal life.

The smell of the wood burners      dominates my senses,  evoking nostalgia.

We passed one of Wiltshire's chalk White Horses

A lot of locks.

We arrived at the Barge Inn and pitched our tent in the garden. One pint with our visiting father was enough to induce some seriously heavy eyes. We slept before the sun was down.

One of the most prominent landmarks of the Kennet and Avon Canal, Caen Hill Locks. Jake proves the worth of his last minute red shirt purchase, as he performs our previously choreographed emergency signal dance. Stunning, is it not? Oh, and the locks were cool too.

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