Monday, 13 May 2013

Brugges to Antwerpen - Day Twenty-Six to Thirty

After leaving Brugges we quickly realised that our supply of trail mix, or scroggin as it is more affectionately known, was running dangerously low. We had re-supplied in Dover, injecting such components as Skittles, Whams, Golden Grahams, of course, and a host of other high-calory goodies, but long days in the sun had exacerbated stock depletion. Having pitched our tent on the outskirts of Brugges, we began our assult on the oddly large number of supermarkets in the nearby suburbs. Adaptability proved to be integral as we found it impossible to reaquaint ourselves with the previously used scroggin components; perhaps our most succesful discovery being a bag of rip-off Smarties.

From Brugges, we began to walk northwards, passing along a number of GR routes, both national and regional. Buttercups and daisies sprawled across our view as we meandered through the undeniably flat farmland that makes up much of western Belgium. After we crossed the Leopord Kannal, we found ourselves in Holland and began to follow signs which sent us in the direction of ´Asperges` (we later realised that this is the Dutch word for ´asparagus`). That night we slept amongst fir trees whos northern-most branches stretched out over the adjacent asparagus fields.

The following day put wind through our hair as we walked the canal. After a long day, we should have arrived at Sans Van Gent, however, worn-out feet stopped us prior.The Hoeveterras De Vlienthoeve is both a dairy and potato farm, but also runs a warm and wonderful cafe. Els, Luc and the family kindly offered us a pitch in a field close to their cows, along with some delicious food, local beer and conversation. We could not help but leave the following day with a skip (not really a skip) in our step.

The land became increasingly wooded as we passed fields of tulips - red, pink, purple and white - and traipsed through nettles and ´toilet plants`, named for their smell. We passed in and out of Holland and Belgium several times, soon arriving in Hulst, a Dutch settlement, just a days walk from Antwerp.

On our 29th day since leaving Bristol, we trundled, largely in the rain, the 37 kms to Antwerp. As the blister on my heal further highlighted it´s existence by acquiring a heartbeat, Jake and I sucked on old bread whilst discussing which colour we would make the wind if it were visible.

Compeed clinging on.

Belgian tulips.

Canal trees.

The wonderful family that we met at Vlienthoeve.

Asparagus scrumping.

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  1. Wonderful stuff! Keep up the good work... And of course the blog, it's very authentically written. Scroggin should be awesome... You're in the land of chocolate?! Also, weirdly, what colour is the wind came up in a conversation I had the other day. I Want it to be purple but it's probably beige. What were your conclusions? Johnny x