Saturday, 13 April 2013

"I hope you have a lovely walk"

 Jake and I were lucky enough to receive a few creative words and images from some lovely people.
 James has mastered the art of buying thought-infused presents; this U2 album was released in 1987, the year Jake and I were born, and features the track 'Walk to the Water'.
 Thank you Gwyaneth and George, I love this quote, it really makes me want to get my boots on (and all my other hiking clothes of course).
 Mr Brown and his brilliant class of writers and artists, thanks so much for your good luck wishes. I was extremely impressed with your handwriting; Mr Brown must be a great teacher!!!

Sam and Grace, I hope that last sentence is too small for innocent eyes to read.


  1. This is special guys, following you all the way! Are you up for some extra personal challenges along the way, in order to make extra money? :o)